ShahanPRO is designed for dynamic, professional, everyday content, whether for personal or business use!

The quality of Completed Work depends on multiple factors. However, the main role in this process falls to the collaboration between the Client and the ShahanPRO. In order to achieve the best possible results, it is essential for the Client to provide clear instructions and easy-readable material followed by the Context.

What we are good at

If you decide to collaborate with ShahanPRO team, here is what you can expect from:

Approvals and rejections

All customers have the opportunity to review translations before approving them. If a translation is not reviewed by the customer within 120 hours (5 days), the translation will be automatically approved.

If you feel that there are quality issues with the completed content (translation, article or etc.), you can request corrections from the Contact Sales. If there are severe problems with the job, you have the option of rejecting it and requesting a full refund or passing the job to another performer, for FREE. A rejection request is approved if we find that in the job provided negligence, poor quality or AI traces.

ShahanPRO quality at your service

By using ShahanPRO’s quality guidelines, you can help us provide you with the most possible satisfying experience as possible. We are excited to work with you and contribute to your global communications success!