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What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of writing content/text in order to increase the brand awareness, and consequently persuade a person to undertake a particular action. The copywriting process can cover everything from brochures, billboards and websites to emails, advertisements and blogs.

Nowadays, the Internet is overflown with different types of content, and is the base for more than 27 million pieces of content being shared every day. Due to this fact, in order for your content to stand out and attract wider audience, you must develop a strong and unique brand voice.

Speaking of content quality, copywriting is a more effective method than the outbound advertising methods. Furthermore, this process allows you to build a solid reputation and a maintain a significant circle of users.

Working with ShahanPRO’s SEO content writers

As mentioned above, the team of ShahanPRO is consisted of professional copywriters with 5+ year experience, which are assigned to do their best with each and every project. So, you content may include blog posts, website content, press releases, emails, social media content, white papers and taglines. No matter what, it is the accuracy SEO texts help to you convert traffic into leads and finally, customers.

Our team of professionals is separated into different categories, according to their level and type of expertise. Meaning, we have worked in various niches in 25 languages, from pharmacy and beauty, to technical and adult. The ultimate goal is to boost your rankings and enhance your brand name.

ShahanPRO offers you clear, competitive pricing depending on the volume and number of language(s) you need.


Content examples:

  • Product descriptions
  • Articles
  • Conferences


Content examples:

  • Scientific papers
  • Journal articles
  • Dissertations

Media & Entertaiment

Content examples:

  • Videos
  • Subtitles
  • Reviews

All other documents

Content examples:

  • Adult
  • Advertising
  • Application

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