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ShahanPRO’s language specialists from all around the globe are recruited in order to provide our customers the best possible subtitles, designed for various needs: videos, presentations, broadcast media and so on. The ultimate goal of a subtitle is to enhance the viewing quality of the audience. Moreover, the subtitles are a significant translation tool created for viewers which speak a language different than the one provided on the video.

Subtitling & Translation

In order to expand your business and upgrade it to become globally-acknowledged, you must build an international audience. In order to do so, you must reach out to the non-English speaking audience too. The next step of the process refers to growing your customer base and consequently building your brand image and clients loyalty to it. ShahanPRO has global network of experienced linguists and translators in 50 different languages and dialects. What is more, there are translators in the team which are specialized in local nuances and relevant idioms. If you are interested in building a localized audience, the specialists from our team can help you create localized content.

Foreign subtitles made simple


Content examples:

  • Product descriptions
  • Articles
  • Conferences


Content examples:

  • Scientific papers
  • Journal articles
  • Dissertations

Media & Entertaiment

Content examples:

  • Videos
  • Subtitles
  • Reviews

All other documents

Content examples:

  • Adult
  • Advertising
  • Application

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