ShahanPRO Terms of Service

In order to use our Services, you agree to these terms. Please read them carefully.

1. Definitions

2. Using Our Services

In order to enter into this TOS on behalf of a company or any other legal entity, you must have a legal authority to engage the certain entity to this TOS. In this case the term “You” or “Your” refers to the company or entity itself. So, if you don’t have this authority or you don’t agree to any of the above-stated terms, you may not use the Service or any Service related materials. Furthermore, you state that you are at least 18 years old, or above the age restriction limit in your place of residence or jurisdiction.

By using our services you agree to the below-established terms:

If you don’t abide to the above mentioned terms, ShahanPRO has the authority to suspend or close cooperation with Customer. Even if there is a sign of misconduct, violation of TOS, fraudulent activities or payment, you will be served with the same restrictions without further notice.

ShahanPRO has the authority to reshape, adapt, delay, or completely exclude a Service, due to any reason of their choice in any time of their finding.

3. Orders, Approval, Return Policy

ShahanPRO administers gross-up calculation to each transaction. More exactly, every payment must be submitted in clear funds, without any set-offs or deduction amount. Furthermore, each payment must be free of taxes, levies, imports, duties, charges, fees, or any other withholdings of any type in the present time, or in the future charged by lawful, legal authorities, such as the government or the financial biro. If you are under obligation to make any such payments, you are bound to pay ShahanPRO any additional fees which are necessary to reach the full amount you should have paid by the agreement.

To place an Order, a Customer is required to provide every necessary information clearly stated on the ShahanPRO’s website, such as the Quality Level for your translation. The required information is described and explained in detail in the ShahanPRO Quality Policy.

It is a Client’s responsibility to provide the Client Materials in order to receive translation. Moreover, if compulsory by ShahanPRO, a Client must provide materials which provide the context of their translation, a glossary guide, etc. The role of ShahanPRO related to this matter is to make a certain recommendation regarding the Client Materials. This means that the company may advice or suggests the client the type or format of the source materials in order to achieve better quality in the final result. However, the ultimate effect for the most part depends on the clear instructions, source’s material clarity, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

A particular Order may be cancelled only if it hasn’t been engaged by a performer. So, once a performer undertakes a project, there is no possibility for erasure, or a refund of credits. In order to cancel an Order, you should contact ShahanPRO Customer Support directly at order@shahan.pro.

Although ShahanPRO provides you with the estimated time for a Service finalization, it doesn’t guarantee you the exact delivery time. More exactly, you are not entitled to reject a delivery because of a delayed project or delivery time. Once the work is ready for a review, you will get a message to your email by Sales Manager with fully completed material.

Once you have received the email notification for the project complement, you as a Customer, have strictly 120 hours to review the Completed work. ShahanPRO provides you with the opportunity to approve the project via contracting sales. However, if you don’t complete this step during 120 hours, the Completed Works automatically are declared as “Approved”. Once this step is completed, simultaneously the Performer gets paid for his/her work.

Once “Approved”, you lose the authority to require a revision, adjustment, or a refund for your materials. Due to the fact that certain errors in your translations may occur, you are accredited to reject the Completed Works within the 120 hours review period. However, if the value and excellence of the Completed Works matches the Quality Level you have ordered, once again you lose your authority for revision, adjustment or a refund.

Once we get your rejection, the procedure consists of a quality audit. Usually, ShahanPRO provides you with a response in one business day. If the quality audit turns up in your favor, more exactly determine that the Translated Works don’t meet the quality level stated in the Order, you as a Customer will be esteemed with rejection and retranslation. Furthermore, you will be granted with the possibility to cancel your Order.

Once you review the Completed Works you lose any connection to ShahanPRO, meaning you agree to give up ShahanPRO’s responsibilities and obligations to you and your materials. Once you public your content, you as a Customer undertake these responsibilities.

4. Client’s materials disclosure

Your source content and translated materials are enclosed to potential Translators and contractors which are entitled to provide you a Service. This means that all potential Translators have the right to review your materials in order to decide if they are willing to undertake the Order.