ShahanPRO Privacy Policy

ShahanPRO will not use your information with anyone who is not clearly stated in the following explanation.

What ShahanPRO Collects

User-Provided Information – A customer may be required to provide certain information regarding the Service and Order. More exactly, if you contact ShahanPRO by email, we may maintain all of your emails (address and content), and our responses to your necessities. This matter is due to the necessity of written proof of our negotiations and agreement.

Furthermore, if you recommend our Services to a friend or an acquaintance, we will keep their email address because of the idea of your invitation.

You have the possibility to decline submitting this info. However, in this case, ShahanPRO will not be able to provide you with any Services.

How ShahanPRO Shares Your Information

ShahanPRO has no authority to lease, sell or share your personally identifiable information with anyone, but individuals entitled for providing you Services and Translated Works. More exactly, ShahanPRO may share your information with third parties, solely for the aim of providing you higher benefits. However, the third parties are bound by the Privacy Policy of ShahanPRO.

How We Protect Your Information

ShahanPRO has an ultimate goal to provide fully secure systems for the Clients and makes distinguished efforts in order to achieve so. The company, however, isn’t responsible for the transmit of your information and doesn’t guarantee the security of this process.