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A large network of professional and top-rated translators.

ShahanPRO is a company which guarantees the quality of your Translation Works. Our professional translators turn the content towards their native language, and not the other way around. This means that the excellence of your material will be adapted to the native speaking individuals and market. The guarantee of our quality is due to our recruitment process. Before employing an individual, the potential translators must pass our rigorous qualification test only for native speakers.

You, as a customer, may come up to certain obstacles in the process of finding yourself the suitable translator. First of all, you may be looking for a specific language, and finding a native translator isn’t the easiest thing in the process. Next, you may face another challenge regarding some specific skills and industry experience which are required for your material. However, this is why our network consists of numerous experts in various fields and niches. Finding yourself a fitting translator shouldn’t be a problem with large team of real natives of ShahanPRO.

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If you are in need of an immediate order, you can place it online 24/7 with the use of ShahanPRO order form. This way, according to the information you provide, your rate will be automatically calculated. There is a possibility for you to upload different types of file formats, and once you provide the materials, our system automatically counts the words and creates an instant quote and estimated turnaround time, based on your project requirements. Customer have the possibility to track your translation progress in real time via contacting our Sales Manager.

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Excellent quality

All team translators evaluated on an ongoing basis, and our team features embedded validation checks to ensure consistent quality at scale.

Scale-friendly pricing

Proprietary project management systems allow us to streamline operations and reduce overhead, so we can extend the lowest possible rates in the market.

Fast turnaround

Our translators are ready for processing high volumes of content at speed. Currently, in our team have 4 top-rated translators for each language.

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